Sunday, April 26, 2015

Teasers are Pleasers

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Book Teasers can create a video which delivers a taste of your book, and leave the viewer hungering for more.

Let's get started!

$100.00 includes the following:

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Book Teaser for $50.00
Expires September 15th, 2017 

One-on-one communication: In order to create a high-quality project, communication is imperative. I work closely with the author via timely emails to assure all expectations are met. 

A high-quality, custom video for you to keep:  Videos are approximately 60-90 seconds long. Just long enough to keep those short attention spans interested and entertained.

Royalty-free, photos, videos and music: All videos include royalty-free, genre appropriate content.

Distribution: Videos are posted on our  You Tube Channel and this blog at no cost. In addition, the high-quality MP4 file of the book video is delivered to customer via DropSend, and the recipient is free to post the video wherever they choose. 

Use the contact link on the sidebar to for further information or to request a video. All requests and questions are answered promptly.

Thank you!

Note: Book Teasers has many no-cost options of royalty-free  photos and music for our creations. However, if a customer wishes to use something other than these no-cost options in their video, the additional cost of said content will be incurred by the customer.