Sunday, April 26, 2015

Teasers are Pleasers

Hello, and welcome to Book Teasers! 

A short video will deliver a taste of your book, and leave viewers hungering for more.  

$100 USD
Includes the following:

Great Communication.  In order to distinguish the feel and general content for the book teaser,  I want to  "know" my customer. Therefore, instead of filling out a form, I communicate via one-on-one emails. After receiving a book blurb and cover art, I start the creation.

A draft of the Book Teaser with music : Author views and suggests any revisions at this time

Revisions made, if needed, then I send the MP4 file to you via Google Docs or Drop Send. I also feature your video on Book Teasers Blog, and Book Teasers You Tube Channel.

You can upload the MP4 file anywhere you like:  Website, Blog, Personal You Tube Channel, Social Media...anywhere you wish. The file is yours to keep.

If you would like to request a book teaser, or need further information, please use the contact form on the sidebar. 

Thank you!
Jeannie M.

Your Book Teaser Creator

Note: I use no-cost royalty-free photos, music and other media in videos.

If customer opts for media which comes with a cost, customer will incur those fees. All media must be royalty-free.